Where to Buy GAP

Night Driving where to buy GAP InsuranceThere are principally two ways to purchase GAP Insurance. Only you can decide where to buy GAP Insurance either from your dealer when purchasing your car or online.

If you’ve not already watched the video on this site from the BBC’s rip off Britain then take a look now. It will be 3 minutes well spent. The example they use shows a £700 saving by buying online, I think this is the exception rather than the rule but it illustrates the point that there are substantial savings to be had by purchasing GAP Insurance online.

There are many online GAP suppliers to choose from and the only way of judging them is by the quality of the site, the prices, recommendations and personal experience. I looked at over a dozen GAP suppliers in detail and made my decision to use ALA Insurance. This was based on the following.

Where to buy GAP Checklist

1. Professional looking website.
2. Competitive prices.
3. Price comparison page.
4. They specialise in GAP Insurance.
5. Promotional Discount Codes
6. Lots of recommendations on internet forums.
7. They supply GAP for Autotrader, Glass’s Guide and JCB.
8. A price promise if you find cheaper.

Since making my decision and purchasing GAP from ALA I’ve had to call them due to a change of car. I spoke to Simon who arranged to transfer the balance of my old policy to my new car with me just paying for the extra 2 years. I found it reassuring that there was someone on the other end of the phone who answered my questions without passing me around several departments.

They key to any insurance purchase is shopping around. If you’ve time to read all the small print then fine, if not, look for reviews and recommendations as they’re normally a good indicator of a suppliers quality. Take you’re time and you’ll find the best place where to buy GAP.